Plant-Fungal Interactions

I am particularly fascinated by the relationships between plants and fungi. I am interested in coming to a greater understanding of how plant-fungal relationships establish in nature, and how they play a role in the overall functional ecology of ecosystems.

Some of my interests lie in the following broad topics:

1. Climactic, latitudinal, and elevational gradients in mycorrhizal relationships. 

2. The physiological ecology of mycoheterotrophic plants.

3. The invasion of fungal pathogens in forest ecosystems, and the processes that drive invasions. 



Vegetation Dynamics in Coastal Dunes

I am interested in the community ecology and geomorphology of coastal sand dunes. My interests lie in some of the following areas:

  1. The mechanisms important to community structure and function at local and regional spatial scales in dune ecosystems.

  2. Dune and beach sensitivity to environmental changes such as sea level rise, climate change, and variation in storm severity.

  3. How species invasions dramatically alter the morphology, species diversity, and ecosystem services of coastal dunes.


Shifts in Ecological Dynamics in a Changing World

One core theme throughout my research interests is how anthropogenic change influences ecological processes. Most of my interests in this realm of study are related to changes in vegetation dynamics, such as:

1. How spatial shifts in vegetation dynamics could potentially alter Carbon and Nitrogen cycling and ecosystem functioning.

2. The demographic consequences of changes in phenology.