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Entry-level biologist interested in plant ecology and ecosystem dynamics. Well- versed in field-based data collection methods, scientific writing and data analysis. Additional skills and interests in forest pathology, pollination biology, and dune geomorphology.



April 2013-April 2016

California Native Plant Society

Volunteer (Wildflower Show, and Society Meetings)

Experience working for the CNPS wildflower show, helping to identify an organize plants for the show, in addition to working with the public answering questions and giving more information about native Northwest California Species.


April 2013-July 2016

Humboldt State University

Humboldt State Herbarium Assistant

Experience in prepping, collecting, identifying, annotating, and maintaining specimens in the HSU Herbarium.


August 2016-December 2016

Humboldt State University

Teaching Assistant: Plant Taxonomy

Plant Collector for BOT 350 (Plant Taxonomy) at HSU.
Collecting plant specimens to learn family, genus, and species-level characteristic of commonly encountered flora of Northern California.
Instructor: Michael Mesler


April 2016-December 2016

Humboldt State University

Parasitic Plants of Northern California

Collection project for the HSU Herbarium consisting of 25 specimens collected from Northern California of parasitic plants in the Orobanchaceae, Ericaceae (Monotropoideae), Stantalaceae, and Orchidaceae.


June 2016-August 2016

SHN (Consulting Engineers and Geologists)

Eelgrass Monitoring Technician

Monitoring eelgrass in the Humboldt Bay to understand the effects of different oyster cultivation methods.


August 2016-February 2016

Humboldt State University

Endophytes in Tissue Culture

Utilization of sterile culture techniques to analyze the endophyitic flora of infected and uninfected individuals of Vaccinium ovatum from the pathogenic “witches- broom” fungus Calyptospora goeppertiana.


June 2016-August 2016

Friends of the Dunes

Dune Vegetation Analyst

Vegetation survey crew member for the California State Coastal Conservancy’s Climate Ready Program to understand how climate change is impacting Humboldt
County’s coastal dunes, led by Andrea Pickart.


May 2017-October 2014

U.S Forest Service

Riparian Vegetation Monitoring Field Technician

Botanical analysis of riparian vegetation, and habitat monitoring for PIBO (PacFish/InFish Biological Opinion Monitoring Program) to determine the aquatic conservation strategies can effectively maintain or restore the structure and function of riparian and aquatic systems.


April 2018-September 2018

Chicago Botanic Garden

Rare Plant Demography and Monitoring

Monitoring and demography surveys for Colorado’s rare plants, under the BLM Colorado State office botanist. Collaboration with other local research groups and university organizations. Field work, as well as data entry and office work.


May 2018-Present


Editor and Writer 

Writer and editor for a journal bringing new research in the field of evolutionary biology to scientists and non scientists alike. Experience synthesizing primarily literature, extracting key components, and telling a story that is accurate and makes sense for a wide audience range. 

September 2018-December 2018

US Geological Survey

Research Assistant; Climate Change and Land Use Change in Dryland Ecosystems

Assistant for a variety of research projects at the Moab, UT field office under Mike Duniway, primarily focused on climate change and extreme drought in dryland ecosystems.


Humboldt State University — BS Ecology and Biodiversity, 2015

Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment — PhD Candidate Plant/Fungal Ecology, 2019


• Data Analysis and management • Use of Microsoft Excel, Office, Powerpoint and Word

• Use of Dichotomous Keys • Project Management • GIS Software analysis

• Budget Planning and Financing • Problem Solving • Population and Community Modeling

• Verbal and Technical Communication Skills • Adaptability • Establishment of demographic monitoring protocols

• Self-motivation• Graphic design• Soil sampling field and lab procedures

• Lichen and moss identification• Herbarium maintenance and specimen collection

• Lab analysis and sterile tissue culture • Scientific Writing • Field workQA/QC

• Organization and planning• Ability to work under pressure with little to no supervision

• Leadership• Teamwork • Time Management • Creativity • Statistical analysis

• Public speaking • Soil Sampling Techniques •Community Engagement


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